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It's a new year! Which means brand new opportunities, a new committee and a whole bunch of new events brought to you by TUMSS! Make sure you watch this space throughout the year for the latest details on the best academic & social events!

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What is TUMSS?

The Tasmanian University Medical Students' Society (TUMSS) has been representing medical students at the University of Tasmania for over 45 years.

TUMSS is a student run organisation which aims to improve & support the academic & social wellbeing of all medical students across Tasmania. With more than 500 members each year, the society serves to provide the best possible academic and social opportunities for all students.

TUMSS is an affiliated society of the Tasmania University Union (TUU) and has close ties with the Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA), Australian Medical Association (AMA) of Tasmania, and the UTAS School of Medicine.

TUMSS aims to:

  • Represent medical students on UTAS committees, providing a student voice on issues of current relevance, therefore allowing students direct input into their medical school & curriculum.
  • Liaise with relevant student & professional bodies, including the School of Medicine, AMSA, and the AMA.
  • Encourage members to consider their wellbeing, both physical and mental, and the wellbeing of their colleagues.
  • Provide members with access to support services, including student mentors.
  • Organise social & sporting events for members.
  • Provide career information to members on the various medical specialties and vocational training opportunities.
  • Promote interaction between medical students in different year groups, on different campuses and from different backgrounds.
  • Showcase sponsors' products & services to members.

2017 Committee


President Mrunmayee Bhalerao
Vice President (Academic) Cameron Marshall
Vice President (Social) Ella Orlowski and Eli Cropp
Honorary Secretary Emily Mackrill
Treasurer Nicholas Moutsatsos
AMSA Representative Phillip Rothschild



Sponsorship & Partnership Officer Christine Yang
Student Welfare Officer Natasha Abeysekera
Publications Officer Gabrielle Brailsford
Graduation Committee Chair Ash Sudhakaran and Emily Doole
IT Officer Michael Assenheimer
Sports Officer Henry West
International Students’ Officer Dexter Gan Qi Xuan
Philanthropy Officer Annabelle Rival
TASIN Chair Luke Yang
TSPS Chair Brian Tan
Junior AMSA Representative Beth Grimmer



1st Year Academic  Jesse Harris
1st Year Social Ollie Markey
2nd Year Academic Kris Nand
2nd Year Social Liam Virtue
3rd Year Academic Natina Monteleone
3rd Year Academic Nishee Nattraj
3rd Year Social Emma Shoemaker
3rd Year Social Carena Lai:
4th Year HCS Kristof Wing
4th Year LCS Amy Richardson
4th Year LCS Nico Reeve
4th Year RCS Sam Edmunds
4th Year RCS Kavita Dilip
5th Year HCS Anees Enayati
5th Year LCS Jac O’Rourke
5th Year RCS Sam Hamilton
5th Year RCS Sam Rose