2018 Committee


President Eli Cropp president@tumss.org.au
Vice President (Academic) Colin Pettman vpacademic@tumss.org.au
Vice President (Social) Brittany Kay and Ollie Markey vpsocial@tumss.org.au
Honorary Secretary Tom Webster secretary@tumss.org.au
Treasurer Khezia Chalwe treasurer@tumss.org.au
AMSA Representative Liam Virtue amsa@tumss.org.au



Sponsorship Officer Charlotte Bannink sponsorship@tumss.org.au
Student Welfare Officer Sunwoo Kim welfare@tumss.org.au
Publications Officer Cameron Marshall publications@tumss.org.au
Graduation Committee Chair Heather Price and Fini Cusack graduation@tumss.org.au
IT Officer Ashleigh Barker and Harvin Hans it@tumss.org.au
Sports Officer Sarah Grace sports@tumss.org.au
International Student Officer Brendan Tan international@tumss.org.au
Philanthropy Officer Allanah Greer philanthropy@tumss.org.au
TASIN Chair Saranya Costa tasin@tumss.org.au
TSPS Chair Arad Khodarahmi and Michael Armarego pathology@tumss.org.au
Junior AMSA Representative Erik Lui junioramsa@tumss.org.au
AMSA Advocacy Team Representative Ynez Howlett-Jansen ynez.howlettjansen@amsa.org.au



1st Year Academic  Max Green
1st Year Social  Thomas Young
2nd Year Academic  Damaris de Kock
2nd Year Social  Jeffrey Xie
3rd Year Academic  Bella Murray
3rd Year Social  Sarah Crawford and Pep Salmon
4th Year HCS  –
4th Year LCS Academic  Tori Murton and Georgia Roberts
4th Year LCS Social  Jett Karolewski
4th Year RCS  Khezia Chalwe
4th Year RCS  Alex Johnson
5th Year HCS Academic  Kristof Wing
5th Year HCS Social  Fini Cusack and Grace McGuinness
5th Year LCS Academic  Annabelle Rival
5th Year LCS Social  Nico Reeves
5th Year RCS  Samaa Daim
5th Year RCS  Kavita Dilip