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Tasmanian Anatomy and Surgical Interest Network

The Tasmanian Anatomy and Surgery Interest Network (TASIN) is an initiative of TUMSS that caters to students that are interested in the normal anatomy and anatomical underpinnings of disease, radiological analysis of the healthy and diseased human body, and technical skills in surgery.

TASIN operates under the umbrella of TUMSS and is recognised by the Australian Medical Students' Association Surgery Interest Network (SurgIN).

TASIN was founded by medical students’ interested in post-graduate surgical training. In addition to the UTAS curriculum, TASIN aims to provide a real- world experience of surgery that will foster ongoing development in the field.

Our aim is not only to provide this for students interested in a surgical career, but also to those interested in other specialties, as basic surgical skills will be a pre-requisite for most careers.

We have 5 key aims at TASIN:
1. To promote surgery as a possible career choice for medical students
2. To foster the interest of medical students in surgery by providing educational and research opportunities
3. To provide information about surgical careers, and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) Surgical Education and Training (SET) program
4. To establish a forum where professional relationships between students and surgeons can develop
5. To foster the professional and personal development of students in line with the nine RACS competencies