About AMSA

From the AMSA website:

The Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) is the peak representative body for Australian medical students. AMSA is a vibrant student-run organisation that represents, informs and connects all of Australia’s 17,000 medical students. Hundreds of medical student volunteers work together to run our professional-standard events, advocacy campaigns, special interest groups, community and wellbeing initiatives, projects and publications. Each of the 22 medical schools in Australia elects an AMSA Representative to represent them at AMSA National Council, which is the primary decision-making body of the Association.

AMSA has a diverse calendar of amazing events and opportunities, from the National Convention with an exciting academic and social program, to AMSA councils, which allow any medical student to become involved in the policy decisions and advocacy of the organisation. Make sure to check out their website for more information!

For information about AMSA specifically related to UTAS, check out the AMSA at UTAS Facebook page and Instagram page run by the TUMSS AMSA representatives. Here you can learn about:

  • The Vampire Cup, an annual blood donation drive pitting Australia’s medical student societies against each other to see who can donate the most blood!
  • ThinkTanks, in which policies to be presented at upcoming AMSA councils are discussed by local students to determine TUMSS stance, informing the AMSA representative how they should vote.
  • Registration for AMSA events
  • And more!

Last updated February 2024