Social Events

Social Events

Some of the regular events on the TUMSS social calendar include:

TUSA Clubs & Societies Day
Societies Day is held early in each year and is an opportunity to sign up to TUMSS and other UTAS societies. Fantastic membership deals are usually available from many societies, with discounts for various local cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs available. Come along to learn about what you can be involved in at UTAS and mingle with students from all different faculties! Societies Day is held at the Hobart and Launceston campus – check out the TUU website for more information.

MedCamp is a 3-day experience run for the first year students, usually around the first week of semester. Students have the chance to get to know each other and participate in numerous fun and informative activities. First year students are mentored by volunteers from other years. Since 2018 it has been run at Camp Woodfield.

MedCamp Party*
The second night of MedCamp is the first major party on the TUMSS calendar. Students from all years are invited to come and meet the first years.

*This event will, unfortunately not be running in 2024, but we hope to bring it back in the future.

MedParty/ Welcome Back Party
TUMSS’ first (and usually biggest) costume party of the year. All students are invited to a Hobart venue where they are challenged to come up with a costume for often outrageous themes!

The fanciest event run by TUMSS for all years, this is a chance to dress up and head out to a luxurious Hobart venue. Three-course meals and excellent drinks packages are generally on offer.

Interfaculty Sports Competition
Can come in different formats each year, but often a competition with engineering and law students, run by the Sports Officers. A great chance to get in some healthy competition, be active and meet some people outside of med!

Friday Morning Walks
End your week on a high note by joining the Sports Officers every Friday morning for a cruisy walk around Salamanca, with great company and a coffee before your morning class. For more information on TUMSS Sports, click the link.

Last updated February 2024